Moz Update: Website Domain Authority Dropped, Check Your Website

Domain Authority Dropped

The drop in domain authority earlier last week, according to Moz rankings, might have gone unnoticed. For those who don’t know what a domain authority is, it is merely defined as a search engine ranking of websites. Google has been using several factors to rank your site, and one of them is the website domain authority. It runs from a scale of 1 to 100. With 100 being the best domain authority and 1 being the lowest ranking.
This ranking ensures that your website competes very well in the online business. The higher the ranking, the more traffic google directs to your site. This is a good way of gauging the strength of a website in comparison to other websites. You might confuse domain authority with page authority. Though they use the same ranking metrics, they are entirely different terms. Page authority deals with a single page, as opposed to an entire domain. You should get the difference.
How to come up with a domain ranking
Moz is one of the service providers on website domain authority ranking. They consider some factors before ranking your website. It is crucial that you know them so that you can find ways of increasing your domain authority ranking. Here are the factors used in the classification;
Linking roots – if your website earns a backlink from a different site, then the external link will be used to rank your website. The ranking is simple. The backlinks should be from various websites. 
Quality content – quality matters in this case. The uniqueness of your content is what makes the google analytics tool to direct traffic to your website every time a user searches a relevant keyword.
SEO – how friendly is your site to the user. If your site is easy to navigate, then it will be easier for Google to index your website.

What caused a drop in domain authority ranking by Moz?
As it turned out, Moz was updating its core algorithmic tool that is used for determining the domain authority score of a website. An update to this tool will influence how it collects the data that will be later used in the score ranking of your website domain authority, the main reason for dropping down. This means that the algorithmic tool will be more accurate and efficient; the consequences of this is that there will either be a drop or an increase to your domain authority score. 
The new tool will have a ripple effect across major websites since marketers use the domain rankings to search for new business leads actively. Most websites were given low rankings, and this translates to less traffic being directed to the site. It was important for Moz to re-evaluate this algorithmic tool for ranking website domain authority. People will now have a clear picture of how the website ranks and why. There will be no manipulation in the rankings. This is good news for marketers.


What changed?
There were some improvements in the new algorithmic tool from its previous version. These are the updates;
1. Index
The tool contains the recent data of backlinks and fresher links that are used to determine the ranking of your site. The tool will be able to rank your site better by identifying the best backlinks.
2. Training algorithm
The move to a linear neural model from a complex linear model was the right one. The tool will now be able to identify link manipulation. This will help them rank website even better.
3. Training set
Some websites don’t use keywords at all. These are the factors that made Moz go back to the drawing board and come up with a data set that will help rank these sites even better.
4. Model score
The new update features a spam score, which evaluates the link quality. This will help the tool to provide an accurate ranking for your website.
What these changes mean
Most website owners should anticipate either a drop or an increase in the domain rankings. This is because the new algorithmic tool will be able to identify any manipulation to the link pattern. This will result in a higher spam score. This update will assist marketers in making good decisions concerning SEO. You can change the rankings by using quality backlinks, creating unique content and using relevant keywords for search engine optimization.
An update is always good for any business, and it is a good way of separating good websites from the bad. The system is prone to manipulation. Some crooks might use this opportunity to increase their domain authority rankings to get more clients. The new tool will help avert this issue by identifying the quality of link patterns and manipulation.


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